The garden furniture are real elements of the outdoor furniture.

They have always been considered only as a useful accessory to exploit the space and keep in order what is needed in the garden, and maybe even that which has no place in the house.

But if they are chosen with style, as well as functionality, they can improve the aesthetics of your outdoor environment.

If you have a small balcony or garden outside, you should make the most of it.

Furnish it with a garden cabinet that helps you keep everything tidy and within easy reach.

Today, outdoor cabinets are designed with care and attention to detail and design and are real furnishing accessories that enhance your garden or terrace.

A garden cabinet is ideal for storing in one place and in order what you use outdoors: garden tools, paints, cushions and everything you need for your outdoor dinners, the ball and your children’s games.

But it also serves to keep everything that doesn’t find a place in the house and still have it at hand, without turning your garden into a messy open-air dump. This is why it is useful for storing brooms, detergents and buckets, as a storage room for kitchen or bathroom accessories, and for storing bins for separate collection.

Ottima is the solution to design a cabinet tailored to mask boilers, air conditioners and even washing machines to exploit an outdoor space.

Outdoor shoe racks can also be very useful, so as not to have problems with space during the change of season.

There are many on the market, of different sizes, styles and materials.

Some of them are already designed for certain functions, such as those that include a broom holder or a container for the outdoor dustbin.

There are also those that have room for bottles or integrated dog kennels.

In short, there is something for everyone.

All you have to do is understand your needs and what use you want to make of them, and above all measure the space in which to place your garden furniture.

Where To Place Your Garden Furniture

Before choosing a garden cabinet, it is important to evaluate the place where you want to place it, so as to clarify the ideas on the most suitable model for you.

For example, opt for a low wardrobe if you risk cluttering a window and removing light. Or take a three-door cabinet if you have a lot of space and clutter. Again, a shelving system may also work if you have a covered space available.

Then do not choose a place that is difficult to reach or far from the place where you have to use the tools that you put inside it. For example, if you need to order your garden tools, place them near the vegetable garden or the counter where you do your work.

If you have the possibility, choose a place protected from the weather. Even if the garden furniture is water-resistant, it is always preferable to limit the inevitable wear and tear of time.

If you choose to buy a plastic garden cabinet, remember that it has a light structure and risks being tipped over if placed in a place subject to strong drafts.

Which Garden Cabinet Do You Prefer?

Evaluate some features before choosing your garden furniture.

If you need to store a lot of items or if they are particularly heavy, check the number of shelves, their maximum capacity and whether they are adjustable.

If you need a cabinet to store household cleaning equipment, choose a model that has a long compartment or a broom door.

Remember that the adjustable feet not only protect against moisture, but are also useful if you need to place your cabinet on uneven ground.

If your cabinet will be placed in a place exposed to rain, it may be better to choose a model with a waterproof roof.

There are garden cabinets with security locks or padlocks, which are required if you are going to go on a terrace or a communal garden.

Finally, you can choose a bench, if you have problems with vertical space.

It is a practical and elegant solution. These benches are made of wood or rattan, add style to the outdoor furniture and are very useful for storing pillows, towels and sheets. They are generally very good value for money.

The last solution can be to opt for a garden house.

Generally built of wood and larger than an outdoor wardrobe, it is ideal if you have plenty of space and many items to store.

The Materials

Having understood this, let’s now see what the market has to offer, depending on the materials used, in order to understand which garden furniture can be more useful for you.

  1. Plastic or resin garden furniture is definitely the cheapest model. They are also the lightest and therefore the easiest to carry or move. But they are also the least aesthetically pleasing. Choose it if you want to place it in a location that is not very visible.
  2. Wooden garden cabinets are the most elegant and pleasant. They can also be dyed to match your existing outdoor furniture. But on the other hand, they are heavier, more expensive and require maintenance.
  3. Sheet metal garden furniture, although minimalist in style, can be aesthetically well made. They are light and quite cheap. However, they tend to heat up when exposed to sunlight and are therefore preferable only if they do not store objects that deteriorate with heat, such as detergents, paints or liquids in general.

Last Tips

Whatever garden furniture you want to choose, the important thing is to integrate it with the rest of the outdoor furniture, so as not to make it a bad element of disturbance.

But above all, make sure it is made of a material that is suitable for outdoor use, resistant to humidity, temperature fluctuations and the attack of mould and fungus.

They must also be lifted off the ground by means of a rise or height-adjustable feet.