With continuous and daily use it may happen to have problems with the macerating toilets and to notice leaks or other malfunctions. In most cases, these are interventions and repairs that you can do yourself without the intervention of a professional. With a few suitable tools and little effort, you can fix the toilet flush yourself without having to go to a plumber.

How to clean the drain pan

It often happens that the malfunctioning of the drain is simply due to the deposits present in the toilet bowl. The tank should be cleaned periodically to avoid bad smells, the development of bacteria, and malfunction due to the formation of limescale and dirt. To proceed with cleaning the cassette, first, empty the tank, and then proceed with the following steps:

1. Close the water valve that brings water into the cistern, which is behind the toilet or near the drain pan, after which it flushes so that the drain is emptied.

 2.  At this point you can proceed with cleaning the tray. You will notice that the environment will have significant limescale deposits or even mold.

3.  To remove limescale you can use vinegar: fill the box and let the vinegar act for a few hours, then empty the tank and proceed with normal cleaning.

4. In case of mold, proceed using bleach or specific products on the market, remember that when using bleach or aggressive products it is recommended to wear garnishes to avoid damaging the skin of the hands.

5. Whether you have used vinegar or bleach, after the first application phase of the product you need to descale, with the help of a brush, an abrasive sponge, or even an old toothbrush.

Once the entire surface has been cleaned, you can open the water valve again, in this way the tray will fill up, and proceed with running the drain for a deep rinse. For an even more sanitizing action, you can pour hot water into the tray and drain it, and after this step reopen the water valve.