Red is the color symbol of passion par excellence, perfect for a seductive and enchanted spring garden. A cascade of red flowers in the garden, balcony or terrace, we choose together the most beautiful plants and simple to grow to color our corner of passion with many shades of red.

Red Flowers: A Corner Of Passion

Compared to all other colors red is the one that has the most meanings, although many times even contradictory there is no doubt that one of the colors that naturally indicates heat, passion but also danger, not by chance all the warning signs are red.

The most stimulating and involving colour of the whole spectrum, red, succeeds in stimulating the central nervous system, altering both the heartbeat and the pressure.

A person with great energy who always wants to compete with others and, above all, with himself, choose red.

Red Flowers: Choosing The Right Plants

There will be buttercups, carnations, petunias … together we choose the most beautiful plants that produce red flowers of various shades for our angle of passion.

In addition to choosing plants that all bloom in the same color there are other aspects and factors to keep in mind when choosing plants to dye our garden or balcony red.


In the soil or in pots, gardens or terraces, an important factor to consider in the choice of plants is that of flowering.

In fact, if we want a colored corner with different shades of red, we have to narrow our search among the plants that bloom in the same period to avoid areas or corners without flowers.


In addition to the climate, which will primarily affect the choice of plants, since a place that is too harsh requires the choice of more rustic plants that are not afraid of the cold.

Another aspect that will condition us, will be the exposure of the balcony or terrace or the place of the garden where we want to create, with our favorite color, a corner dyed with many red flowers.

Choosing, of course, plants that prefer the same exposure, depending on whether it is sunny in the shade or half shade, is therefore essential to have plants that grow and bloom all strong and lush.

The Ideal Arrangement

In choosing the right plants, in addition to the exposure and flowering period, there is another very important aspect to consider, namely the maximum size that the plants we will buy will reach, so that we can distribute them properly.

The arrangement of the plants depends exclusively on the place where we want them to be arranged, if they will be in a flowerbed near a fence wall we can prefer a growing arrangement by arranging the plants that will be taller behind and lower in front.

If, on the other hand, the place chosen is in the middle of the garden, we can arrange the tallest plants in the center and all around those that will grow lower, obtaining a different effect.

Taking advantage of the different shades of color offered by the many red flowers, produced by the plants chosen, we can give free rein to our imagination by obtaining the angle of passion we want.

Red Spring Flowers

Among the many markets and nurseries we can find a wide selection of plants that produce red flowers (or red flowers), suitable for coloring with many different shades of our garden or balcony.

With blooms ranging from spring to late autumn, we see some plants that we can use to dye our corner of passion red.

Hibiscus or hibiscus

Hibiscus is a genus of plants of the family of the Malvaceae which includes about 240 species. They belong to this large family shrubs, and herbaceous plants, annual or perennial, deciduous or evergreen. Some of them can reach remarkable heights and in time take on the appearance of a real tree, like the giant hibiscus.


The Buttercup is a genus of herbaceous spermatophytes dicotyledonous plants of the family of the Ranunculaceae, composed of more than 500-600 species all originating in the cold and temperate zones of the globe. It produces flowers that remind us of roses for their appearance.


The perennial carnation plant native to the Mediterranean region is now widespread in different parts of the world. Depending on the variety, they bloom from June to September, producing flowers of different colors, from red to white, from pink to orange.


Geraniums, or pelargons, are perennial plants native to Africa, rather strong and resistant, their flowers adorn the balconies and terraces of every city.

Petunia or Surfinia

A cascade of scented flowers, with the Surfinia, very resistant and with a very compact foliage, these plants give our balconies that touch of color with an abundant flowering in the spring.